Water Purifiers

The human body is 70 percent water. It makes sense then that we need to constantly provide our body with the most basic sustenance for life. However, you cannot just drink the water that comes out of the tap. Tap water can contain a number of contaminants, such as arsenic, chlorine and lead just to list a few. While the water may look clean, there may be all sorts of bacteria and sediments swimming in it.

If you drink straight from the tap, then be sure to purify it first. This is where a filtration system like Aquafresh comes in. The company provides a wide range of filters to eliminate the harmful contaminants and provide water that tastes as if it came from a fresh mountain spring.

Aquafresh provides the following filtration systems:

  • Raindance Benchtop Purifier – This portable filter removes chemicals, rust, silt, cysts and odors. Its stylish and chromed metal diverter valve easily connects to most kitchen taps with an aerator.
  • Raindance Twin Under Sink Purifier – This is Aquafresh’s bestselling filtration system. Its integrated membrane pre-activated carbon technology removes bacteria, dirt, rust, chlorine and improves water clarity. Additional features include auto shutoff heads and quick change cartridges.
  • Raindance Compact Under Sink Purifier – This is the ideal system for underbench water filtration. Its ease of use makes it a popular choice among plumbers. Its features include an auto shutoff head with bracket, compact filter cartridge and installation kit complete with instructions.

Why buy bottled water when you can obtain it freely from the kitchen tap? Save money by bottling and purifying your own water right at home with any one of Aquafresh’s advanced filtration systems. All filters use a reverse osmosis process combined with ultraviolet light sterilizers for disinfecting water the natural way. The result is water that is pure and great tasting at a fraction of the cost.

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