The Advantages of Aquafresh Air Purifiers

The Advantages of Aquafresh Air Purifiers

Aquafresh air purifiers are popular in both commercial and residential buildings for removing pollutants from the air. These appliances are particularly useful for common areas used by people with asthma, bronchial problems and allergies. In the commercial sector, air purifiers are used in corporate, medical and industrial areas. Replacement air filter cartridges are also available from Aquafresh online.

Dust removal with triple efficiency

Aquafresh air purifiers are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) technology that allows the appliance to clean the circulated air to a large extent. Besides removing contaminants and impurities from the air, these air purifiers are capable of removing 99.9% dust particles that are larger than 0.1 microns. This is three times the efficiency of many air purifying appliances available today. Additionally, the advanced systems remove pollens and other allergens thereby ensuring that any unwanted health hazard is curtailed to a large extent.

Avoiding second hand smoke

One of the most common problems, especially in commercial spaces, is second hand smoking. The problem should not be taken easily because passive smoking is known to be as dangerous as smoking. Aquafresh air purifiers bring a solution to this problem. These air purifiers are equipped with Smokestop filters that are extremely efficient in sucking up any smoke that might be lingering in the air, thereby providing purified and fresh air. You can install Aquafresh air purifiers in all common areas to ensure that non-smokers working in the same space stay unaffected by the smoke.

Removal of bad odours

The robust filter assembly in Aquafresh air purifiers are able to get rid of any kind of unpleasant odour including the smell left behind by smoke. As a result, these high efficiency air purifiers are able to get rid of strong odours such as medicinal odour, smells emanating due to heavy cooking or any other unpleasant odours.

Secondary benefits

Besides health benefits, using Aquafresh air purifiers brings many secondary benefits. Since they reduce dust particles and impurities, articles in your space such as furniture, electrical appliances and others have a longer life. Installing an Aquafresh air purifier is extremely important in industries where expensive heavy duty appliances and chemicals are used. These filters absorb toxic vapours that might be emitted by the machines and chemicals.

In medical environments, these air purifiers help improve the sterilization process of equipment and increase hygiene by keeping the air completely clean.

Aquafresh air purifiers are extremely essential for improving the quality of indoor air in more than one ways. These are manufactured as per quality standards and are perfectly safe for use in all environments.

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