Alpine TJ Series Twin Underbench Purifier

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Alpine TJ Series Twin Underbench Purifier


Alpne 0.5  micron twin undersink purifier

It comes with moniored faucet and installation kit and fits neatly underbench

Cartridges and heads manufactured in Australia.

Filtration Benefits

Protects From:
zkbdw0j0365ugegby57d-icon Cryptosporidium, Giardia Cyst and selected volatile organic compounds
jjz68wgo7112iucd0qhn-icon Offensive odours from built up organic matter in water pipes. Offensive tastes from bacteria killing chlorine
kr1f5itz700zy72w08pk-icon Sediment, dirt, rust and silt to improve water clarity

Product Specifications

Type Twin Undersink
Model Alpine TJ Series
Part Number DUTJ43-K2-DFM
Micron Rating 0.5 micron (nominal)
Flow Rate 4 litres / minute (optimal)
Temperature Maximum 38 deg C
Pressure Maximum pressure 900 kPa (125 psi)
Dimensions 275mm high x 190mm wide x 93mm deep

System Benefits

  • This is our biggest selling system – a very efficient two stage water purifying system
  • Represents great value for money.
  • Compact appliance looking water filter.
  • Designed to hang from the wall or conveniently sit on the floor under the kitchen sink.
  • Twist lock design for ease of cartridge replacement.
  • Intallation kit includes –
    • Faucet – Designer monitored faucet
    • Inlet/Outlet tubing
    • Watermarked Pressure limiting anti hammer backflow prevention valve
    • Shutoff valve
    • Brass tee


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