Alpine Reverse Osmosis Undersink Water Purifier

Alpine Reverse Osmosis Undersink Water Purifier

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Alpine Reverse Osmosis purified water is perfect for every situation that relies on the supply of ultra clean, safe water. In the home, the office, the factory… in fact, any beverage maker or outlet that needs the supply of clean, fresh tasting water needs Reverse Osmosis. You’ll be amazed at the flavour difference it makes to drinking water, ice cubes, coffee, tea and juices, soups and sauces, baby formula. The flavour of all foods cooked in Reverse Osmosis water is greatly enhanced and is ideal for the special requirements of weight loss and low sodium diets. Many others in your extended family and household will get the benefits! Fish in the aquarium, pets, pot plants, cut flowers and… no more gunk and longer life for steam irons and humidifiers.

Cartridges and Heads manufactured in Australia

Filtration Benefits

Protects From:
zkbdw0j0365ugegby57d-iconCryptosporidium, Giardia Cyst and selected volatile organic compound.
jjz68wgo7112iucd0qhn-iconOffensive odours from built up organic matter in water pipes. Offensive tastes from bacteria killing chlorine
 Sediment, dirt, rust and silt to improve water clarity

Product Specifications

TypeReverse Osmosis Undersink
ModelAlpine TJ Series
Part NumberTJRO13T12-K3-DFM
Micron Rating5 angstrom
Flow Rate1.5 litres per minute (optimal) from accumulator tank
Temperature38 degrees C max.
Pressure125psi (862 kPa)
Dimensions290 mm high x 390 mm wide x 93 mm deep

System Benefits

  • Alpine TJ underbench reverse osmosis system features high capacity sediment reduction, carbon block and Reverse Osmosis technology to provide ultra clean fresh tasting water with the added protection from bacteria and viruses, dissolved heavy metals and salts
  • Compact appliance looking water filter
  • Designed to hang from the wall under the kitchen bench
  • Twist lock design for ease of cartridge replacement
  • Installation kit includes –
    • Designer monitored Faucet
    • Inlet/Outlet Tubing
    • Watermarked Pressure Limiting Antihammer Back Flow Prevention Valve
    • Shutoff Valve
    • Watermarked Brass Tee
    • Accumulator tank (5 to 7 litre draw off) Tank dimensions 230mm dia x 330mm long
ji0teclb272b4wteevyw-iconMaintenance free. Sanitary Quick Change System.
*Warranty conditions: Cartridge life  not included. 


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