Alpine Benchtop Purifier

Alpine Benchtop Purifier


Reduces chemicals, cysts etc, sediment, tastes and odours. Fitted with stylish chrome metal diverter valve. Connects to the end of most kitchen faucets that have an aerator.

This unit is portable and is ideal for use in rental properties.

Filtration Benefits

jjz68wgo7112iucd0qhn-iconOffensive odours from built up organic matter in water pipes. Offensive tastes from bacteria killing chlorine
kr1f5itz700zy72w08pk-iconSediment, dirt, rust and silt to improve water clarity

Product Specifications

TypeBenchtop Purifier
Part NumberBT10P-2
Micron Rating1 micron (nominal)
Flow Rate1.5 to 2 litres per minute
Temperature4 – 40 degrees C
Capacity2000 litres
Dimensions100mm x 350mm

System Benefits

*Warranty conditions do not include cartridge life. 


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