LG Internal Fridge Filter LT700P

LG Internal Fridge Filter LT700P


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The LT700P filter cartridge fits both LG and Kenmore fridges that have a compact filter mounted in the ceiling of the fridge

System Benefits

Filter is designed to provide great tasting water and ice cubes at an economical price

ji0teclb272b4wteevyw-icon Maintenance free. Sanitary Quick Change System.

Filtration Benefits

jjz68wgo7112iucd0qhn-icon Offensive odours from built up organic matter in water pipes. Offensive tastes from bacteria killing chlorine
kr1f5itz700zy72w08pk-icon Sediment, dirt, rust and silt to improve water clarity

Product Specifications

Model LG and Kenmore
Part Number LT700P
Flow Rate 1.9 l/min
Suitable replacement cartridge for ADQ36006101–. ADQ36006102–, 460969
Temperature 0.6 deg C to 38 deg C
Capacity 757 litres
Dimensions 170mm long x 40mm diameter


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