Alpine CK5620-A – Equivalent & Compatible to Aqua Pure 3M Cartridge AP8112

Alpine CK5620-A – Equivalent & Compatible to Aqua Pure 3M Cartridge AP8112


Suits  3M Aqua Pure AP8000 (AP8112 cartridge)

The Alpine CK5620-A –  1 Micron Cyst Reduction Cartridge will also Remove Sediment, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste & Odours, Giardia & Cryptosporidium.

The CK5620-A Cartridge replaces the 3M Aqua Pure AP8112 used in the AP8000 systems and has the same filtration level at a better price structure.

Alpine CK5620-A is also compatible with CK562 and CC-QAP8R, A112 SQC filters.

Made in the USA.

System Benefits

Cartridge life expectancy: Recommended to be replaced at 12 months depending on volume and quality of water supply

h15mu0zf975loroqr4kl-iconSpace saving single cartridge
ji0teclb272b4wteevyw-iconMaintenance free. Sanitary Quick Change System.
3r1kmijd768z5pf7lvtj-iconFilters cold water supplied to dedicated faucet to provide clean, healthy, filtered water for drinking and food preparation.

Filtration Benefits

Protects From:
zkbdw0j0365ugegby57d-iconCryptosporidium, Giardia Cysts and selected volatile organic compounds.
jjz68wgo7112iucd0qhn-iconOffensive odours from built up organic matter in water pipes. Offensive tastes from bacteria killing chlorine
kr1f5itz700zy72w08pk-iconSediment, dirt, rust and silt to improve water clarity

Product Specifications

Part NumberCK6520-A
Micron Rating1 micron (nominal)
Flow Rateup to 6 litres/minute
Suitable replacement cartridge forAqua Pure AP8000
TemperatureMin 4.4 deg C Max 38 deg C
PressureMin 172 kPa Max 900 kPa
Capacity6 to 12 months
Dimensions335mm long x 70mm dia



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