Fridge Filters

Premium Water Filters For Your Fridge

Although we hardly think about it, the fridge water filter is one of the kitchen’s hardest workers. Just like an oil filter in a car or batteries in a smoke detector, replacing your fridge filter should be done on a scheduled basis – recommended every 6 months. Failing to do so can cause scaling and build-up of bacteria, which not only potentially affects the flavour of your water but harmfully damage your fridge.  

The longer you wait to change your filter, the more you are putting yourself and your fridge at risk. If you continue to use a filter, your tap water could potentially be enhanced with all the contaminants already blocked.  

We offer a range of fridge water filter replacements

So, whether you want to replace an existing filter or retrofit a new filter, we offer a range of fridge filter replacements to always provide great tasting filtered water and ice on demand and at competitive prices.  

Browse through our range of premium, reputable and effective brands, including LG, Fisher & Paykel, Bosch and Samsung.

All are available for online purchase today! 

For assistance in replacing your fridge filter, contact us today to speak to one of our water filtration specialists!