Water Filter Cartridges

Water Filters need to be changed overtime.

Whether you’re deciding on investing in a water filtration system or have already got one, it is worth learning about cartridges and when to change them. A normal water filters job is to act as a physical blockade that traps unwanted particles and removing MANY waterborne contaminants that are in the water. Depending on the system you have, it can remove the following:

– Chlorine
– Fluoride
– Cryptosporidium
– Giardia
– Sediments
– Heavy metals
– Volatile organic compounds and many more!

But just like an oil filter in your car, water filters need to be changed overtime – our recommendation is every 6 to 12 months. Replacing your water filter ensures that your system is working at its best to produce clean and safe drinking water. It will also make sure to avoid any bacteria building up, as well as offensive colour and tastes appearing in your drinking water. Failing to replace your filter will cause the flow rate of the water to slow down, resulting in a poorly functioning water system. 

Choose from our wide range of replacement water filter cartridges

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